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I got an order on my woocommerce site, and got a message from Paypal -

[Customer has sent you an eCheck payment.


It usually takes about 3-5 days for you to receive the money. We recommend that you wait until the money arrives before shipping items. We'll email you when this eCheck payment has been deposited into your account.]

The site is integrated with Linnworks and uses Amazon FBA for fulfillment. 

I't been an hour and I cannot find the order in Linnworks anywhere - Ready to Process, Unpaid, ...

So, I'm wondering how this order will be handled ?

Obviously, I don't want to fulfill until the payment clears.

Hello there,

Have you still got any issues with the order? Looking at the logs the order sync is running, if the order is still missing - could you please provide us with the reference number from Woocommerce for it?

I still don't see it.

Date : 2017 June 4

SKU : JI-556F-EZ8G

Order #730

thank you for the support.

Hello there,

Is that order is till unshipped on Woocommerce? Could you please confirm the current status for that order on the channel? The sync is looking to be executing but it does not see any orders it can download - might be that the status is the reason for that.

Woocommerce - order status - On Hold

Is it possible that Paypal will let Woocommerce know when the payment is complete and update the order status ?

The On Hold status is most likely the reason for that - the order should be in the "Processing" state. Since it is on hold - that is most likely due to the payment not yet completed. I would advise you to double check with Woocommerce directly so they can let you know when they will change the status exactly, but "On Hold" orders will not be downloaded from what I can see - the system will look for "Processing" ones. I would say that this is connected to the payment and once Woocommerce has the details about the payment done - it will change the status, but there might be some specific points which only Woocommerce can let you know about. In the end you should be able to manually change the status of the order on the channel directly if needed.

Thank you so much.

I will see what happens when the payment clears and update manually if necessary.

The payment cleared and processed automatically.


No worries, there also seemed to be an issue on PayPal server yesterday, but all is fine at the moment.

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