The ability to replenish stock for FBA from Linnworks

The ability to replenish stock for FBA from Linnworks.

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As it stands with Linnworks, the work flow is to;

  1. Create a Supplier Purchase Order
  2. Receive Purchase order Stock that is booked in
  3. Service Orders Received into Linnworks, stock is deducted as it is processed.
There is NO workflow to transfer that stock to Amazon for Fulfilment.  Options available are to;
  1. Take Items from Stock, then Manually adjust stock via a Stock Count.
  2. Build an Order, then process. (However this will produce inaccurate reporting of Sales).
  3. Build a Virtual Stock location, Transfer Stock.
None of those three options give any synergy with the Amazon Platform, nor do they make for a smooth process.  It seems to me the best option would be for Linnworks to utilise the Amazon API to download fulfilment orders created and completed to adjust the stock after it has been processed;
  1. Create FBA Shipping Order on the Amazon Platform and Complete.
  2. Linnworks Downloads that completed order, flags as in Transit and then flags as complete when stock reaches Amazon.
This method will insure stock is adjusted in Linnworks and will minimal interaction.

+1 - this is essential for our business.

As we order from the East, we have to be months ahead which means very regular monitoring of hows SKUs are selling, and our current stock to see if we need to reorder.
When stock is on its way to FBA, it effectively leaves Linnworks completely so the picture in Linnworks reporting is wholly inaccurate.

(Thats not to mention when Amazon screw up scanning the stock in - a different story for a different day, but something to consider)


Agreed, we have had to basically spend a week testing and figuring a way to alert us when we are low on stock at FBA.

Without getting into great detail, purchase orders don't update stock (at least not always...) for Fulfillment center locations such as FBA.

We have developed a work around in to get alerts and send more stock, but not what we hoped for.

Another approach might be to have a download recommended inventory report with an option to convert item(s) to an order.  There are several good reasons to take this approach, for me internally this would give me the ability to create orders remotely for staff members in the warehouse to complete.

There would be additional considerations though;

  1. Printing dymo labels for non-commingled stock
  2. Notes for special requirements Amazon require (Bagging etc, Hazardous Labels)
  3. Split orders, multiple orders and picking lists to different distribution centres

This would certainly be a more ambitious project, but well worth the effort for Linnworks.  This kind of implementation would certain attract new customers.

There is a simple way to identify stock in that needs replenished at FBA by:
Creating an inventory view for the FBA location and filter by Minimum, Due, Etc
We have created a view that works perfectly, with the 1 BIG exception! Purchase Orders created for this location, DO NOT update the "due" column and thus never remove the items we have created the PO for. VERY Frustrating.  Just fixing this would be a big improvement.
Not quite sure why Linnworks thinks we don't need to know what stock is due at FBA?


Also we have had to create 2 identical set of items (1 for FBA and 1 for stock we hold in our warehouse)
The reason for this is if we add the stock to the FBA items, there is no way to filter the stock required at FBA due again to the way Linnworks handles Purchase Orders created for the FBA location and it not adding the stock in these PO's to the due column for FBA location.


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