Shipping Entirely via Barcode

Hi all

Not sure if I'm missing something, though I've not actually tried this yet I wanted to make sure this would work before I did try :-)

I would like our shipping process to be entirely barcode scanner driven if possible, so:

1) We print a packing list which has order ID as a barcode, and the EANs for each product in the order and appropriate quantities required

2) Scan Order ID

3) Scan appropriate quantities of order contents

4) Linnworks prints label once all order contents are scanned, and processes the order.

Is that possible? The documentation I've read so far has no mention of using both Order ID's and EAN's to scan the contents.

Best Wishes


Hello Mark, we can help you out with this just drop us an email - and I will send you some info on how it works.

Hi Mark,

I just came across your question. This is exactly how we are currently doing it.

There's a setting in Linnworks (Settings/General Settings/Order Settings/Error Prevention/Scanning) where you can select or deselect if every item must be scanned before the order can be processed. Then there's another setting that you need to enable, to get the labels printed as soon as all items are scanned. Located under Settings/General Settings/Order Settings/Order Processing, you need to click the tickbox next to "Labels".

The way that we do it is, by creating a user for each packer, and give them permission to access "Despatch Console" and "Get Order Details". The packer then goes to Despatch Console and clicks the option "Batch Process by Order ID" (you can select this be the default option, further down the settings page, under the "Despatch Console" settings). They will then follow the exact steps that you mentioned above, Scan Order ID, Scan appropriate quantities of order contents then Linnworks prints label once all order contents are scanned, and processes the order.

Hope this helps anyone.



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