Amazon Vendor Integration

Amazon Vendor Seller Central is clearly the new strategy for Amazon UK and they have had a massive drive to move sellers over to this platform. We urgently need Linnworks Integration to keep Linnworks Viable when our products move over to the Vendor Seller Central platform.

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We really need this too

We do the same as someone has mentioned - download from Amazon dashboard, Import into LW, print specific formatted paperwork then go back in the Amazon dashboard and manually book orders on and shipment details.

For a company selling an 'Integration' software solution I think Linnworks misses the target by a long way. I'm not sure if there's a bigger online marketplace than Amazon (possibly Ebay?) and Linnworks still leaves us having to do manual processes that slow down production.

If it were free or inexpensive software these issues could be excused.

we need this please 

Hi This would be very useful If we can integrate linnworks with Amazon Vendor


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