Access Order Item Extended Properties in Invoice Template

It'd be really useful to be able to access the extended properties of an order item from within an invoice template. For example, to display various attributes like colour and size for each order item as a way of confirming the specific variant that a customer ordered. Similarly, it would be great if the weight of each order item could be accessed from within an invoice template—currently only the total order weight is accessible.

An example use case and motivation for implementing this feature request: I've set up an invoice template with an image of a CN22 form in the background, in the hope of being able to use an orderitems table to automatically generate a filled-in CN22 form for international orders. However, I can't access the weight of each order item from the orderitems table, which is a necessary field for a CN22. It would also be great to be able to access extended properties for this use case, as I have the product category stored as an extended property which would be perfect for the item description field on a CN22.


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Hi Rodney,

The CN22 can already be done (I've not yet worked out HS tariff codes though) Simply add a second Order items table over the CN22 image and populate with the required SKU fields, in the totals of the CN 22 I use a Variables field with the following in EVAL{BEGIN}[{TotalWeight}]/1000{END} [{Subtotal}]GBP to give the total weight and Value. I've attached a screenshot of template we use.

Hope this helps. I do agree however that access to the extended properties would be useful especially for adding Harmonsation Tariff Codes which are becoming necessary on exports.


Phil Rendell

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