Etsy's new inventory management features


How soon can we expect changes to Etsy Channel Integration after they introduced new inventory management features?



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Hello Ash,

The problem is that Etsy's new inventory management features are not yet fully implemented in their API, hence why we cannot implement it into Linnworks. The implementation was originally already started when it was discovered that their API does not yet work with the their inventory management features. At this point are still expecting it to be fully implemented and functional in their API. Once that will be done from their end we will proceed with the implementation. 



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I'm almost completely certain that the new API endpoints are up and running: the documentation for the new Inventory endpoints is there, along with examples, and the old endpoints for variations etc. have been deprecated.

Please rebuild the Etsy integration as soon as possible, the current system is not importing my etsy orders properly and still has no support for SKUs.

Hi Rodney,

My last reply was 5 months ago. By this moment the functionality is now active and ETSY updated all the endpoints so we've updated this from our end as well. 

In order for this to start functioning properly you would need to assign SKU's to all of your items on ETSY, including variation child items, if this is not done yet.

Go to Linnworks > Settings > Channel Integration > Edit Channel Details(ETSY) > Start using skus and also click on Download Listings. This should refresh your mapping screen and you should see the new SKUs.

You will require to re-map them in order to make sure they will work.

Also, please ensure that you will stop using the "Opt Out" option on ETSY back end if that has been enabled before. 

Best Regards,


Fantastic! Thanks very much

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