Help me understand product matching for Amazon in linnlive

 I'm having a bit of a problem working this out so if anyone has any insights it would be appreciated.

If I'm in linnlive and create a listing using the match product option sometimes it won't find a match but if I do a search directly in Amazon seller central a match is found (searching using the EAN barcode).

Does linnlive not use the barcode for product matching ?

Hello there,

We will send those fields which are being filled when you are matching the data. If you have all of the 3 fields filled with values - the check will be done in multiple stages, so I would advise  you to first try to use only a specific barcode when matching and leave the other fields empty - this way the search will only be done by that barcode. If you still see that some item is not showing you the match even by one value, where you can find it on Amazon - please provide us with the example so we could investigate that.

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