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After all the hype about increased levels of 24/7 support we have been experiencing BigCommerce order download problems for the last 5hrs but we are told the developers are aware and they will be coming to the office soon....

I repeat FIVE HOURS we have been having this problem but support have only just been made aware after an increased number of support issues. What happened to system monitoring or remote system access for developers, why an office visit? Remember this anyone Linnworks.net ''We will more often than not fix problems before you are even aware'', yeah and pigs might fly!

Shocking level of support and still the £££ goes upwards....

Hello Darren,

Thank you for raising this with us. 

One of the reasons we started offering 24/7 support is because issues do not always limit themselves to weekdays only, as you have noticed yesterday. You were able to reach out via chat to one of our support agents as soon as you noticed something was out of the ordinary. Mere minutes before you reached out to our support team a few other customers contacted us with the same query. Meaning that only minutes before you entered our LiveChat the issue had been identified and reported to the senior developers. 

In addition to the 24/7 staffed support,  the servers and systems being are monitored all the time and are being regularly maintained and updated, we do this is to ensure maximum uptime and a minimum amount of issues. It just so happens to be that yesterday evening such a maintenance was planned. The senior developer in charge was on his way to the office when the messages about the slower running sync came in, once in the office the sync issue was taken care of first and resolved in a few minutes. The senior developers have remote access to the systems, which they can use in case of emergency. 

It is worth mentioning that before our update to 24/7 support you would not have the option to reach out via LiveChat or call into support, and definitely not on the weekends. This upgrade has in many cases not lead to higher subscription fees. Many Linnworks users have in fact seen a decrease in their subscription fees after our price restructure and I am happy to inform you that you are amongst them! 

Should you have any further questions, I have raised this query as a support ticket as well, and am happy to address any questions you might have in the ticket. 

Best regards,

Klaas Schippers

Hi Klass,

Yada yada you forgot to mention it took the 'senior developer' FIVE HOURS to get to the office and if it was so easy to fix why was this not done remotely? I am sorry but our definition of emergency is clearly different to yours, plus any planned maintenance you mention was not communicated.

You are correct our subscription is less this year but we have lost 2 users so in real terms it has gone up.

My view of poor support and higher prices remains the same, sorry.

Kind regards,


Hello Darren,

Please find my more detailed response in the ticket I created on your behalf. We acknowledge that you have had a sync not running for five hours when you entered the LiveChat with the support agent. When the reports came in, the quickest way to resolve them was to have the person who was already on his way to the office to take care of it and shortly after the issue was resolved 

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. I understand that a delay in a part of your business of 5 hours is very frustrating. Should you come across a similar issue in the future, it is advisable to notify us early on. We will do our best to resolve any issue you may have as quick as possible, and answer any Linnworks query promptly. 

Best Regards, 

Klaas Schippers

Customer Experience Manager

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