How do you stop an item relisting on ebay?

How can we stop certain items relisting on ebay whilst we have inventory we want to keep live on other channels? I've been through the chat on 'technical support' who say it can't be done. I can't believe that to be the case as it's an important part of multi-channel selling which is what Linnworks is supposed to be about.

I've seen elsewhere about using an Extended Property but it doesn't seem to work.


Linnworks will relist all your items if "Relist Listings" option is enabled.

However, you can strike off your active listings, if don't want them to be relisted. Please note that stricken off items won't be updated with stock level as well. You can strike off an item only from Linnworks desktop application. Please go to Channel Integration > eBay Mapping screen > View Log > Active listings > right click a listing and select Strike Off. Also you can import a list of Item IDs to strike off. 

If you want your ended listings not to be relisted, then you need to remove them from Pending Relist list. This is a list of items that Linnworks is going to relist on a next Sync or when stock will change to higher than 0. You can do this from Linnworks desktop application > Channel Integration > eBay Mapping screen > View Log > Pending Relist > right click an item and select Remove from Pending. You can import a list of item IDs to be removed the same way it works for Strike off. 

If you wish to close a listing without it being relisted, then it can be done from LinnLive or This can be done even if listing was created outside Linnworks. Simply open your listing template and click Delete Selected button. This will ask you whether you want to close a listing on eBay. After that this listing won't be relisted. 

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Why is the striking off not on the .net platform. Switching back and forth between the 2 is getting tiresome.

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Not all of the Desktop functionality was yet migrated to the Net version. Some of the options might still be missing on the Net version. It would be hard to tell when exactly the strike off functionality will be passed to the Net, but everything should be transferred in the end. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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