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Currently, I have to use linnworks desktop to efficiently find out what amazon listings are being ignored after they've been switched to merchant from FBA. The ignore checkboxes have to be cleared manually since Linnworks won't do this automatically. It's easiest to sort by the ignored column to do this, but does not allow this. Desktop does.

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Hi Hunter,

we have reviewed this request and accepted into onto our backlog of functionality to update.

At the same time we will also review the filters for all of the columns that are available in Inventory mapping screen in

Once work is started on this feature we will update the forum.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Would also be very useful to be able to export the data. 

Case example, The switch from FBA back to merchant does not always work. We use FBA a lot and have a large inventory which we regularly have to check the ignore flag on as FBA sells out and switch to not ignore so our merchant stock will sync. This loses us sales as products we have stock of do not go for sale.

Exporting the list lets us compare this to FBA stock and see what might need changing and allows us to then go in and correct.

This is a work around which would not be needed if FBA and FBM switching was more reliable in be assuming the later is harder to "fix" due to Amazon the above would make the processes easier.

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