Filing RM Manifest slow for the last 3 days - any fixes yet?

 We've suffered with slow filing of RM manifests for the past 3 days whereas it is normally only Mondays, work was reported to have resolved this with an update applied a couple of weeks ago yet the issue persists.

The latest status gives the following


Printing service Operational - Issue resolved
11 hours ago

We have resolved the issue we experienced earlier. The service is operating normally.

Printing service Partial Outage - Printing RM manifests
16 hours ago

Some of our customers may experience issues with Printing RM manifests. They are processing, but a bit of slow. We are monitoring the system status now.


It took 53 minutes to file the Manifest yesterday which is operationally unacceptable as to cater for this we would have to close the manifest early afternoon.

Does anyone know if they have actually fixed the issue or just that the level of activity fell below that which the server processing the Manifests could handle?



Hello Phil,

Thank you for raising this topic.

I can confirm our development team is aware of manifests being processed with a delay and we've spent a few days investigating the problem. 

A proper solution has been finally found and we are expecting the issue to be completely resolved by this evening.

Please keep an eye on status page for further updates regarding system performance.

Hi Olga,

We that fix lasted 1 day, it took the best part of an hour again on Friday so last week the system only managed one day where it functioned in resonable timescales.

How long will it take today given Mondays are always the problem days for filing Manifests?



Royal Mail tracked Manifest filed with no reference so can't be printed!

Anyone else having this issue?

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