How long are ebay / magento orders taking to sync?


i have come across LW on a few occasions and tried in the past but did not use. I am currently looking at using now and just wondering if you could let me know the sync time?

I will be syncing orders from magento 1 and ebay. I am a low volume seller and plan on 4 manual syncs per day or automatically when i know a little more info on this. To start i will be doing about 10 orders per day then plan on around 50-100. 

Many thanks


Linnworks software is fitted with an autonomous order synchronization which works autonomously  from our cloud serves on a regular basis. The time gap between each sync session is about 20-30 mins.

Sean, have you looked at m2epro on magento ? .

It works with ebay and amazon.

OK and based on my above order volumes variations how long will a sync take? i am a little worried about this from others posts. It is vital to cut-off times etc.

Also answering to the above Nigel, yes i currently have m2epro installed and have to say what a system. 

I have been playing around with what to use and improve order processing. Is it best to import orders from ebay to magento then pull my magento and ebay orders into LW. Or pull my magento orders to LW then link my ebay account to LW and pull in that way?

I personally think magento is great but needs alot of customisation and  modules to be ready to process orders hence why i am here. I have also used veeqo about 12 months ago but some of there courier integrations advertised were not actually set up. I can see this is changed now however.

when I used linnworks (terminated before xmas) , I brought in magento, ebay and amazon orders as separate channels into linnworks and then let linnworks do all the grunt work. Syncing wasnt a problem, I think sync happened ever 15 minutes or so and  took .. well .. blink and the orders were there !

I only ever used linnworks to manage the inventory, get the orders from the various channels and print them out. Never used it for listings etc.

Unfortunately the last price increase was a bit too much for me so I quit linnworks and now let magento process the ebay and  amazon orders and manage the inventory across all the channels. (hope linnworks team dont mind me saying that !).

Magento polls each channel, again, around the 5-15 minute mark (havent actually timed it) and adjusts inventory quite happily.

I wrote a little (well... it started off little !) python program to extract the order information from magento and produce a pretty invoice, packing slip and royal mail label.

Hope that helps.


Hi Nigel,

what is your program? i agree on the price. LW seems to be the correct product but the price is high. When your a small business that has alot of SKU's but does not do large volume its hard to think about for me personally. I would happily pay the old price £80 i think + VAT which seems fine but the new pricing is the just too high i think.

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