Packaging stock

Is it possible to add my packaging as stock items that would then be linked to the the packaging groups?

i.e Packaging group associated to an order, would reduce my stock of envelope A down by 1.....

Or is there a different solution for what I am looking for?  I basically want to be able to add my packaging stock to Linnworks so that I can manage my packaging re-orders and costs the same as stock.

Many thanks


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Hi Donna,

at the moment this functionality does not exist, however I spoken with our development team and it is a feature that we will be looking to implement

The basic concept will be that you add Packaging items to your inventory and they will be a method to link these items to your Linnworks Packaging type. With this in place will be able to track movements and allow purchase ordering in the same way that you would for inventory items that you sell.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Thanks Mark,  any way of getting a timescale on this?


Hi Donna,

Sorry I don't have any timescales yet as management of packaging in this way is a new feature to the system

This is currently only a specification stage within our development cycle.

We will announce this feature once it is ready.



This seems like the next logical step for a smarter Linnworks, not to mention a better way for us to manage our warehouses. @Mark Aldous, any advances on this? 

Also I was hoping I would be able to associate a cost with each item of packaging used.  That's probably an obvious one but best not to assume....


Have there been any developments on this?

Any development on this?

Any updates on this? 

Any updates on this ?

Any updates on this?

Have there been any developments on this?

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