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Ability to Export and Import without needing a 3rd party server/service

Hello, I believe there should be functionality to upload/download .csv's from the Import and Export menus straight to the browser, as opposed to going through SFTP/FTP or dropbox, this seems like an unnecessary step just to get a file that should be available through the browser.

As a side note, the reason I am needing to export the inventory is so that I can delete the inventory. In order to do this you need a list of SKU's the easiest way to generate this is by doing an inventory export, there really should be an option to delete multiply selected items.

Hi Daniel,

due to the nature of the architecture behind the Import and Export functionality it is not possible to set the system so that it is able to work directly with a local drive. The task that perform the actual import/export on the cloud servers and as such do not have direct access to your local drive. If you use the dropbox option this will work with a location that can be automatically synced to a drive on your Pc removing the requirement for working with FTP/SFTP. On the Import now option this does provide the ability to select a file from your local drive which is uploaded to the cloud servers so the Imports still work using the same infrastructure.

In Dashboards > Query there are a number of reports that could give you your list of SKU's and here there is an option to download the file to your local drive as this does not make use of the Import/Export architecture. The best report to give you a SKU list is probably "Stock Item (no levels)". More details on the reports available can be foundĀ here

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems

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