Several queries about usign ebay configurator

I've just added a product to my ebay store using my an ebay configurator in, but there's still a few things I'm not able to do via linnworks that I could do via ebay admin. Could someone please let me know about the following (this is for the web application)

1. There's only a limited number of countries in the shipping locations section of the international details part of the shipping setting in the ebay configurator. E.g. I can't select countries like Bolivia or South Africa, whereas I can do this in ebay admin.

2. In the original ebay product, it says 'VAT price: 20.0% (included in the listed price).' How do I add this information in linnworks?

3. When I've listed a product, sometimes it's added a 'click and collect from argos' option, and sometimes it hasn't. Why is this inconsistent? I do want this option but didn't set it anywhere.

4. Sometimes it won't let me add the full condition description because it's too long (Condition note field in specification), even though it's fine for ebay. However sometimes it does let me.

5. When I update the product description in ebay template, it's not updating in ebay (I changed a link but it's still the same). is this ebay's caching?

6. I can't close an item on ebay through linnworks without deleting it as a template

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