Supplier Return System

At the minute trying to open a return in linnworks doesn't do anything. You have to go in to the delivered Purchase order. Select the item you wish to return and press the 'Partial Return button'

If we could create a supplier return note which would notify the supplier of the items being returned. This would make returning parts easier. Also you would be able to keep track of what has been returned and what has been credited.

It would also be good if Linnworks created a Return note 'number' similar to the way it creates a PO number.

It would create a standardized supplier returns process for us, so we can track everything, chase credits etc.

I am sure there are many people who need this

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hi Scott,

This is something that in principle we agree with 100% as functionality that would be good to add to Linnworks, but at the moment simply do not have the capacity to start on this as new functionality for the system. We have put it into our backlog of features to be considered in the future and will keep the suggestion open on here so that other users can also add their votes for it.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation 

Linn Systems Ltd

A supplier return feature with a system generated reference to enable us to do the same as mentioned above would also be very useful for our business.

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your comment on this. Make sure to upvote the original post so we would know that there is definitely a demand on this feature request. 



Is there a solution for this already?

We have received a purchase order from a supplier and we then realised that we ordered way too much.

The supplier is ready to collect the rest of the stock.

How do we adjust this in Linnworks?

It's not a sale, and it's not scrapped items.

Is the only option to adjust the stock manually?

Is there no way to make some return for the goods?

Please, apply this to scrapped items too. It would be great to include Supplier code, Supplier name, Supplier Reference No from the latest PO, where the scrapped or returning SKU appeared. Including supplier code, Supplier name and Supplier reference columns in report files generated through Query Data will simplify return authorisation requests a lot. 

@Scott Parkin where do you find this option "go in to the delivered Purchase order. Select the item you wish to return and press the 'Partial Return button'"?

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