I can't import Inventory import

Normally i have updated stock every week but for this week i can't import report stock of this week.

From picture as below show " The request is invalid". So how can i do for this problem. 

Please help me to solve this problem due to this part is very important to my company.

Thank you


Good afternoon,

Just to let you know, we have received similar reports from other customers and are currently looking into this problem. This forum post has been converted into a ticket and we will provide you with an update as soon as possible there.

I will also keep this forum post updated with more information.

Kind regards,


As an update, we were able to rectify the root cause of the problem and the import tool should now be picking up files successfully.

If the error is still observed, please try clearing your browser cache and trying again, this should resolve the problem in full.

Kind regards,


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