Ebay out of stock feature

I have 100's of Ebay listings with years of sales history which I don't want to lose.

Can anyone confirm if I select 'Update Inventory' & 'Revise Listings' in Ebay Config that Linnworks will not end my listings once inventory reaches zero?

I just want the inventory put to zero on Ebay and therefore use the out of stock feature instead of ending the listing. I'm scared of syncing inventory in case I lose my out of stock listings, up to now its been done manually to preserve them. 

After finding more documentation we went for it, set it up and is working ... did not need worry after all :)

Hello Dave,

Thank you for your question.

You have to adjust some settings in your eBay channel config (Settings > Channel Integration > Ebay channel config) to make sure once your stock level is zero, Linnworks will not end your listings.

Please make sure that "End Listings" is unchecked and "Out-of-stock enabled" is checked in your eBay channel configuration. (see attached screenshot).

Once you have these settings setup, you can put your the stock level to zero and you will not lose your listings.

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Technical Support

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Working perfectly, thanks Taimur :)

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