Multiple Tracking Numbers - One Order ID

I believe a huge advancement in would be to allow for multiple tracking numbers to post to Linnworks against a single Order ID.  Amazon / eBay / Walmart all have the ability to post multiple tracking to a single order when the customer orders multiple SKU's.  Its natural to give the customer all the tracking numbers on all packages if you, as the shipper, don't group them into one shipment.  Sometimes its necessary to cross ship orders from different warehouses.  If you only give the customer one tracking number then they will likely email saying they are missing packages and feel they were slighted on the order.  They could file a claim as well.  

Example of how I picture doing the upload via bulk method.  

Order ID, Date, Carrier, Tracking

132152,2017-02-13 11:14:02,FEDEX,719499475183

132152,2017-02-13 11:14:02,FEDEX,710630332139

The order ID stays the same on each row but the tracking number's differ.

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The concept for the feature has been accepted in principle into our backlog of features to consider in the future.

At the moment it is not possible to provide any ETA on when this will be investigated so we will keep the Feature Request open to monitor interest

This is such a big deal for us that I think it may lead to us having to move away from Linnworks as a solution. It seems crazy that we can only have a single tracking number per order when many of our orders have more than only package, each with it's own consignment ID. The ability to add a tracking number against each line in the order would be a game changer for us.

There should also be the facility to add tracking ID's to each child item of a compound sku.

To the above example I would suggest adding a field for the item the tracking ID applies to. Thus something more like:

Order ID, Date, Carrier, Tracking, SKU

132152,2017-02-13 11:14:02,FEDEX,719499475183,product1

132152,2017-02-13 11:14:02,FEDEX,710630332139,product2

This would allow for the different items to be correctly identified from the tracking data.

I agree that would be helpful to allow reference to each product.  We need more support to get this project moving toward production.  Please if you are reading this post, comment.  Even if it is a quick comment to say that you agree and need this function in your day to day activities.

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