Linnworks and Bluepark Channel Integration

I would like to put forward a Linnworks and Bluepark channel integration. I think it can only be a positive and a selling point for Linnworks and would benefit a large number of existing user's and also new user's who are put off Linnworks because it lacks this feature.

Bluepark are one of the largest and more popular shopping cart sites out there and it surprises me there isn't already a link when there are for some smaller less popular shopping carts. Bluepark and Linnworks offer API's already and have done for a number of years and with other integrations in place I would imagine it would only require a tweaking of an already existing channel integration to implement this.

I know a request was rejected several years ago but things have moved on substantially in the last couple of years so I would like to see what support this request will receive in 2017 and hope for a positive result.



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Could I just have a show of virtual hands, who would be interested in a Bluepark channel integration?



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