Weight of parcel is not correct on label.

Hi All

I enter the weight and dimensions into the process screen, print label but the weight shown on label is always 1 even though I entered 20 kilogram. I double checked the uk mail consignor program and this also shows that the weight entered was 1?

I have attached screens of the issues.

ukmail despatch manager (iConsign) in weight cell shows 1.00 this should be 20.


linnworks process screen shows 20.00 but its as if it does not use that cell ?


screen of actual label, I have removed address and other details for obvious reasons. as you can see weight is 1.


I have integrated UK Mail and Royal Mail postal services into linnworks, the labels for both seem to print and look fine with address and everything its just the weight.

I have no way of testing to see if the weights in Royal Mail are correctly entered as I log into the backend OBA and it shows no orders being processed and royal mail labels do not show the actual weight of parcel?

Thanks in advance

Thank you for contacting our technical support.

Will it be possible for you to provide order example that I can take a look at?

As far as I understand, your Linnworks inventory does not have weight specified.

If item weight will be imported to your products then order weight will be calculated automatically by Linnworks. This way you won't be spending time on adding weights with every order processing.

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