Royal Mail 2d Labels Varying Quality when printing

 Has anyone experienced varying quality when printing their labels?]]I'm using a thermal lable printer (Zebra GK420d) and the pintouts today have been varying in quality quite a bit.

The issues I'm experiencing are the Royal Mail 24/48 at the top going thinner than normal or the smaller text becoming more blocky it varies across an individual batch some goood some bad in same batch. I'm worried the 2d labels will not be readable because of it.

I've not experienced this before but not used the Zebra for that long

Any advice?



Hello Phil,

With regards to the label quality could you please confirm if you are using the "ZPL" printing option?  If you have a thermal printer, you may be able to use a format called ZPL. This allows your printer to print at its highest quality. If your printer supports it, please select the Use ZPL option.

You may also try disabling dithering and increase print quality in your printer settings (and "Default" settings). I am referring to Windows devices and printers > right click on a printer. Try different settings in that menu - these can be different for each printer model.

Kind regards,


Tech Support

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