Barcodes to be showen on Purchase orders


We would like to request barcodes to be added to the coloum choose option on the purchase order screens.

When items change ingredients or packing and have a new barcode but not product title we are unable to see this from the current PO.   I understand we can print the PO then the barcode appears but the PC in the checking in warhouse if not linked to a printer and they would be a waste of paper due to the amount of PO we check in daily.

Having the barcode option on a PO would be a great advantage to use to assure all stock is correct. 

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We are looking to improve productivity by implementing barcodes. This would help greatly.

We have supplies and they change bar codes when ingredients are changed.  this then causes us issue if we are not away but we may not know as the barcode is not shown on the purchase order.  Linnwokrs are you not able to help with this small adjustment?  It currently pulls in the Sku, title, pack size ect so I don't understand why we can't add the barcode.

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