Invoice Printing Error, rendering error Index was out of range. Fix does not work

I receive the following error when printing default invoice.

Unable to generate PDF. Inner Step: Call to PoloPrinter, Error:Template Invoice Template rendering error innerStep: Calling to PrintToPrinter, Error:innerStep: Collecting datasets, Error:Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index

I have followed your guide below but the error still persists. Unless I create a new template but then I cannot print invoice once in the process order screen using the print invoice button.

Would a reset fix the problem? but that then means I would have to intergrate royal mail again and it takes days.

is there a way to make a new tamplate the default template?


also in template designer the name of the default template was changed to Pick List and I am unable to rename the template to default.


Hello Gary,

 Thank you for reaching out. It seems that somehow your default template got deleted. If you pick any other template then it will print out fine (by choosing specific invoice to be printed). We will restore the default template and then you won't be able to generate the same error again, it will take a bit time but you can expect the change to take effect today (27/01/17).

Hope this helps.

With Best Regards,


Linnworks Technical Support

Hi Rimo

Will wait for the template to be restored.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Rimo

default template all restored.

Thanks for your quick response and excellent service.



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