What is best practice for shipping weights on sales channels?

If this has been covered elsewhere, i sure can't find it.

We have the weights of all our products in LW, along with our packaging weights.  We print our postage labels in bulk using that function, we don't' weight each package - LW calculates total item weight, adds appropriate shipping weight of the packaging, and prints the postage label .  It's DAMN accurate and we're happy!

Problem is that the item weight is whatn's used on the various sales channels - since the sales channels don't know package weights (BigCommerce, eBay, etc) they UNDER quote the shipping since they don't including the package weight, which is very costly.

WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO HANDLE THIS?  hand-modifying each listing is kind of ridiculous when we have a listing tool like LW, I don't want to make custom hand-entered weights over on the sales channels.  I'm told my LW a few months back that they can't do a 'custom' weight per item for a sales channel (which seems dumb) . 

What's the best way to handle this issue, any way to get the Listing tool to push the weight of our choice to the item listings? I'd rather overcharge shipping to the customer than have shipping costs eat into our margin.


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Thank you for contacting us.

The best practice of sending packaging weights and dimensions is by using product specifications.

Appropriate attributes must be added to your items and then these attributes must be linked with the channel.

As soon as it will be done, all you need to do is revise your template and information will be delivered.

Unfortunately, this will not work with all the channels. The method described above, will work for Amazon channel.

Packaging weight for eBay channel will not be transferred to Linnworks unless you are using Global Shipping Program.

With Bigcommerce this information will not be delivered from Linnworks as well.

We only deliver product weight and dimensions, not a packaging weight for Bigcommerce.

We use BigCommerce and eBay and not the Global Shipping Program.  Please tell me best practice to handle my issue as you did not provide any solution.  Thanks!

In order to reply properly on this question, I would need to clarify something first.

Because you are using calculated shipping rates for eBay the actual weight of the item should be delivered to the channel.

If I understood you correctly, with actual item weight, you want to send the weight of the packaging  on your eBay and Big commence channels as well. Am I correct ?

Look forward to your reply. 

Yes you are correct; If you send item weight only to eBay, and it's got a bunch of packaging - ebay then undercharges the actual shipping cost.

If I were to increase my product weights in linnworks, then i'm OVERPAYING for postage when i wouldn't need to.

Only smart way if to be able to control which weight is sent to the sales channel.


Thank you for the clarification.

As it was mentioned in my first reply, it will not be possible to achieve if you are using eBay or Big commerce.

For eBay packaging weight and dimensions are required only when you are using Global Shipping Program.

In any other way, this information will not be delivered from Linnworks to eBay.

I am afraid that there is simply cannot be achieved due to the way how we communicate with eBay and Big commerce.

For Linnworks/Linnlive, packaging weight is simply the weight of the item that you are trying to list and as you understand, different packaging can be assigned to an order depending 

on the items that you have selected and while you creating a listing, Linnworks won't be able to know what packaging to use if multiple items will be bought. 

Packaging dimensions and weight can be submitted only to Amazon as a product specification.

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