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Hi there,

Was thinking that adding a 'notes' section in each product data so we can add notes - product info / change info etc that doesnt fit into any other fields anywhere - for instance a cross reference to a suppliers other part number etc or if there is a date coming up that it changes or if certain staff do half the job what is left to do etc.

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Thank you for this request.

Possibly you could consider the following  workaround:

Open Product Details tab -> Go to Extended Properties screen -> click "add new" -> specify the name of the property (possibly Notes) -> fill in the Value column (the actual note) and then select the Other type of the attribute.

When using this attribute type Linnworks makes no specific use of the property by default. However, it is be possible through order automation scripts or macros to extract data contained in these properties and make use it.

In your case, it may be used by your staff members to view the detailed data of the items.  

Please let me know if this suits your needs.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

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