Implement TIER price Syncronization with MAGENTO


We would like to request implementation of Tier Pricing sync support for Magento.

Magento have a good function who's TIER pricing and today there's no way to syncronize a range of prices with linnworks, just one price.

We think could be usefull for a lot of users as well.


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we will review this functionality to confirm the viability of implementation.

However, one thing that we have seen is that Magento only natively support this for Single item listings and not for Variation (configurable products) listings

Linnworks does support working Magento extensions as they is no realistic possibility to keep on top of all the extensions that are out there and any updates implemented by the developers of these extensions.

If anyone has information relating to Magento supporting Tiered pricing for variations as standard (out-of-the-box) functionality please post links here.

Implementing support for Single listings only will lead to frustration and confusion.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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