Adding skus to more than 1 categories?


I have a few thousands skus

And we have started making a sales and clearance section on Bigcommerce

When it comes to Linnlive, it is hard to tell which sku or variation parent has the product attribute of a sale.  If we can have a category that shows all our items that are on sale. It allows our work to be much faster.

Think about it.

Thank you.

Hi Jonathan,

The categories within Linnworks are currently designed in a way that inventory items can only link to a single category and implementing multi category support could be a large job to ensure it does not interfere with how all other existing aspects of the system connect to it.

From you have described of your requirement this could be achieved through Extended Properties and the advanced search functionality that allows you to find items that contain specified Extended Properties and if they Contain / Equal / Not Equal a specified value.


Hope this helps


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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