Woocommerce channel mapping delay

I have been having a discussion via ticket on this but I wanted to post on the forum to see if anyone had a workaround.  

With the WooCommerce integration, the download of listings of products on Woo into LW runs once overnight.  You can manually ask it to run but only once every two hours.

I am building a second website selling products already live on my existing website and Amazon.  As I create each product in my new Woo site, I need to map it in LW to get the stock levels syncing.  The site is live and I am spending a few hours each day adding products.

However, with the download running at a minimum time of 2 hours, I can't have accurate stock levels on ones I have put live since the last download request.

LW support have told me I have two options:

1.  Do not put the products as active on my new website until the download can be run - this could be two hours later.
2.  Put them live and when it gets ordered on the new site, map it then although if stock is zero by then, there will be an oversell.

I am so annoyed by this.  In my mind, Linnworks' core feature is inventory control across multiple channels.  It is what it is for.  Yet with one of my channels I have been told to either not put a product up for sale, or accept there might be an oversell.  All because of a failing in the LW system to run a listing download as required.

This is not acceptable, you can't call this an integrated channel if you can't map the SKUs as required.


Please note that we are working on WooCommerce listing tool for Linnworks, which means you will be able to create listing right from Linnworks without the need to map them with 2-hour delay.

No ETA is available yet so follow our announcements and stay tuned for 2017.


Hi Karen 

Is there an ETA yet for woocommerce? I know there are lots of people in the web community who are crying out for this functionality 


If anyone is interested in a WooCommerce Integration with listing functionality, please get in touch with the details below.




Ebusiness Guru

T: +44(0)207 096 5012

E: adrian@ebusinessguru.co.uk

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