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Hi, You note that you do not support order tracking in Woocommerce. Is this correct? Woocommce does not provide support for recording Tracking numbers other than through the addition of a Wordpress extension; therefore as the Linnworks integration is not designed to work with specific extensions it is unable to supply tracking numbers back to Woocommerce. I need to track orders automatically using a tracking number and notify customers their order has been dispatched. If I can't do this using LinnWorks I will need to look elsewhere. Any help please?? Regards, James

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Hello James,

 Thank you for your question. That's correct, Linnworks Woocommerce integration is unable to update the order with Tracking numbers. What I would suggest as a workaround is that when you have shipping services integrated to Linnworks and you process orders on Linnworks then it's possible to have Linnworks to send out dispatch notification emails. In dispatch notification email you can include the tag [{PostalTrackingNumber}] which will take the tracking number supplied by the shipping vendor and add it to the email. There are many different tags that you can use in dispatch notification email and you can create conditions for them to have a different template for every channel.

 Using dispatch notification emails will allow you to notify the customer that the order has been shipped and also supply the shipping details. I've included some links to documentation where it explains in depth how to use dispatch notification emails:



Hope this helps.

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Linnworks Technical Support

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