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In one of the post reply when back to the day you announced new pricing, you said Temp Staff User Login (pay per use on hourly or something base) will be rolled out before Xmas this year.

It seems there is no more follow up and you are trying to play it down?

We are still wait on the Temp Staff User Login!

An Update please???


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Hi Kai,

Thanks for your time on the call earlier. Just writing to confirm here for anyone else interested that we are still looking into the option for temporary logins, but for now this won't be available until the new year.

We have however introduced the requested 'sync user' feature, so a local sync can be run without it taking up user allowance. This option can be found as a tickbox in the 'login' page in Linnworks Desktop, and will allow you to access the 'sync' and 'email' options in Desktop only.

Kind regards,


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