trigger a refresh when changes have been made that impact data on the page and keep used on the same screen

Just something I noticed during trying to setup Linnworks

When setting up inventory or making any changes in general, once you have made the change and return to the screen you cannot see the changes. You need to do a refresh which drops you out of the page you were on and back to the home screen and only when you go back to the page can you see the changes have been made.


case in point, changing some composite SKU's to untracked so they calculate based on child SKUs, the values do not change until you backout and go back in again.


Just wondered if performing a refresh and keeping you on the same page as opposed to backing out to the home page is on the list of things to be done. You could then trigger a refresh whenever changes have been made that impact the data on the page.

Hi Mark,

can see you point on this and will see what can be done to improve this.

Auto refresh of the whole grid will not have been implemented to maintain efficiency, however it should be possible to just refresh the cells in the appropriate row.

In the mean time you can just click into the search box and hit enter instead of doing a full browser refresh.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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