oFlow.io - Connecting Linnworks to Help Scout, Zendesk and Freshdesk. Beta testers needed.

As users of Linnworks for many years and owners of a couple of ecommerce businesses we have felt the pain of customer service; finding orders, tracking parcels, processing . The time and cost involved in solving simple tickets warranted a better solution. We developed some in house systems mainly utilising Linnworks exports and Google sheets. They did the job but were slow and unreliable. Over the last 6 months we have been developing a system which will connect your helpdesk directly to your Linnworks database, putting your customers order information right where you need it most. oFlow is compatible with Linnworks and one of the following helpdesks – Help Scout, Zendesk & Freshdesk. We are currently in the final couple of months before launch and now need some beta tests to make sure the system is running as intended as well as get some insight into the way in which other users work with Linnworks and their helpdesks.

If you are interested in joining our beta testing program, please send an email to hello@oflow.io with your name, amount of time spent using Linnworks and which helpdesk you use.

For those of you who are interested, here is a brief summary of what you can expect from oFlow; 

- Helpdesk app. You customers information where it’s needed most with direct links through to major marketplaces and the ability to add some custom links too. 
- Instant search. A live updating search system designed for your phone support team to quickly find your customers orders in a single field format. 
- Customer order detail and full history a single click away from your helpdesk. Full order details, life value and average order value, ability to add customer notes. 
- Mobile friendly sales dashboard. An easy to read, graphical summary of your sales history over the last day, week, month or year. Make sure your growth is going in the right direction. 
- Integrated parcel tracking. Automated tracking with customisable notifications for your customers, from your own email address. 

Keep your customers totally up to date with their order progress and provide you with more chances to market your products or gather reviews and feedback. 

 Cheers, Adam

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Hi Adam,


I would advise posting this on our Facebook Group as well - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1683136308566729/

Does this integrate with eBay and Amazon messaging systems?

Stuart - No this doesn't integrate directly with these message systems at this time. its something we will look into for the future. oFlows aim is to make the job of providing great customer service, a little bit easier. We have developed a range of tools that we felt we needed to run our own e-commerce business better.

oFlow has just finished beta testing, has been approved by Linnworks and all the help desk softwares and is now officially launched! We had some really good feedback during beta and I would like to personally thank all the guys who helped us out.

If your interested in checking out oFlow, head over to https://oflow.io and sign up for a free trial. Setup takes just a few minutes and no credit card is required. Alternatively get your questions over to us here or via email and we will do out best to answer any queries.



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