Order Dashboard Customization

Linnworks Development Team, 

We are your one cooperate user, we are using linnworks for our inventory and order management solutions. There are different reporting features that we using currently. 

We need custom dashboard reporting. 

Order Dashboard

Currently order dashboard have 3 options:

1- By  Source

2- By Country

3- By Carrier

Few Requirements We need:

1- By Currency

2- By Date

3- By Item(s)

4- Orders Time

a- Days/Custom Dates

b- This Day

c- This Week

d- This Month

e- This Year

5- Source & Sub-source

6- Locations

These are few requirements that we are looking for, Customization is need of every business that customization are very necessary. We are looking forward to Linnworks Development team to address our topic as soon as possible. 

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any progress on this?

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