Unable to find/add eBay Category in My New Configurator "ZapRack - Auto Parts & Accessories"

Hello LinnWorks Support Team,

Hope you guys are doing great.
I am facing issue finding eBay Motors category for my new configurator I named "ZapRack - Auto Parts & Accessories"
I need to list items  in eBay category "eBay Motors>Parts & Accessories" but I am unable to find this category while making the configurator.
Please help me out here...

Looking forward to your prompt response about this.

Sincerely, Esar

Hello Esar,

 I see that this questions got answered in the ticket but in case anyone else might have the same questions then I'm going to post the solution here as well. In order to use the categories then, the configurator itself must have its site selected as "eBayMotors".


 Once the site has been saved as "eBayMotors" then all the categories will be available in the "Categories" section.


 Additional reading on the topic (since you will probably need to use K-Types as well when listing in those categories): 


Hope this helps.

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Linnworks Technical Support

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