Allow Woocommerce Composites to be mapped to Linn SKUs

This would allow the woo listing to have its own listing management by Linn.

Wooc composites are very different from linn composites and it is a coincidence of words. I am not suggesting that Linn gets involved in Wooc, just that Linn could link them to linn listings for inventory and other purposes

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Hi David,

could you elaborate a bit more on this please?

I have searched for "Woocommerce Composite" and have found the following link -

This looks like the same basic concept as Linnworks in that you bundle a set of items together as a kit and sell the bundle / kit.

If this is the feature that you are looking at then the answer will have to be a No as there would be no way to confirm 100% that the kit you have set up on Woocommerce matches the composite you have set up in Linnworks. We have to map at item level to ensure we can track stock levels.

If the feature is different to the one I have found please provide some further links.


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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