eBay Marketplaces

I've started listing my products on various European and outside Europe eBay sites, which has given me more sales.

However, I have a small problem. 

If a customer from the UK clicks on "myshop", all my listings are displayed eg French, Italian, Dutch etc , each with the price converted back to GBP and translated title. As does a French eBay customer, sees all listings etc etc

Is there a way to prevent each county from view listings for another country??

I have set within LinnLive the shopping location to [UK] and Exclude shipping locations [To all].

I find this whole foreign listings issue very confusing ....but the Linnlive2 forum doesn't even exist now to ask!

I got a degree of  success to this problem by trial & error (it shouldn't have to be this way), by making sure that when listing a new product, to NOT allocate a shop category for the foreign/overseas listings (this way all your foreign listings won't show to UK customers in your Ebay shop.)

Thanks Rob will give it a go.


Do you use html template or how do you modify the ebay template. I am having hard time with configuring the html template?

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