No E bay Orders in linnworks despite sell items

Hi,  For well over a month Linnworks has refused to download any sales from my channels except for a few brief times when the support staff did something at there end.

Basically I can set channel integration on my linnworks control panel and check all the channels and get "seems OK " message, Look in the auto logs at ebay order triggers and seems to be triggering and doing stuff, then when I sell something it appears in e bay, but not linnworks???

I have been using the same setup for years, The only settings I change are the details on my labels, I have had the odd glitch over the years but this is usually cured within a couple of days with an update.

This is different, just doesn't seem to want to work, several updates and still not working

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Today this is what has been sold


I have sold a few things in the last few weeks, nothing has come through on Linnworks




odres page all look the same



Channel integration


all enabled

Processed orders


All from ebay 0 where are my other channels see above for e bay sales and details of my other channels??

Please help as this has been going on for a while, I hate cutting and pasting e bay labels .

Looking forward to hearing from you



and it works on this channel only


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