Royal Mail OBA - 2D thermal labels

Can anyone point me in the right directions?

So we are using OBA for years but the old school way (manually). Now our rm account manager pushed us to change to the new 2d labels and we ordered a thermal printer and ready to change. But the lack of documentation on this topic is shocking or is it just me? The best i could find is some very basic info and a 2 minutes video which answers none of the questions... 

So we done the OBA integration part. We are using linnworks desktop and under Shipping management we have RM OBA. Basically that's it. I have no idea what to do from here. Can't even find how can we print a test label and i spent several hours now on the forums to find any directions or tutorial. 

Can you let me know what documentation (that's not completely out of date) did you use to set it up or could you point me to a forum topic where this is discussed in details?

thank you in advance


I've just set up my Zebra printer recently and just to make it more complicated I decided to start using at the same time.

I had similar trouble as the template for the label is not what prints with RM 2D labels, in the end I spoke with the helpdesk who changed some settings I couldn't alter and it started working, not sure if it was the move to the thermal printer or the move to .net that caused the problem though.

Persist though, as certainly for me, its worth it.



Guys just picked up on this , do you know if you can upload a tracking number with the 2d system ?

I think most people are now been pushed onto the Royal Mail barcoding system after many companies exploiting the flaws in the RM system.

I also am struggling to get it integrated and really do think there should be more help available.

We moved to 48 Tracked on all parcels as Amazon in their wisdom seem to push tracking numbers and give bad marks if you do not use , all seemed fine but now they want signed for also or any claim is in the buyer favour.

@Gary I provided a screen dump and link to the delivery notification on the Royal Mail tracking site and Amazon awarded in our favour.


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