Stock levels are not syncing on Amazon

What is the solution Linnworks please as it simply will not Sync with Stock Levels

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Hello Ryan,

Reasons for issue with Inventory Sync can be different. It is always best to turn to Technical Support Team, so that we can check what is causing the issue for your account/channel/SKUs.

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Hello Ryan,

If you would like us to investigate what is causing an stock levels not being updated on the channel please elaborate an issue a little and provide us with example SKUs.

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We are having this same issue. Was this solved?

Hello Scott,

As I see you had a ticked opened with us regarding the issue, can you please confirm that it has been resolved.

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We have taken another look at your Amazon account settings and they all look fine for the UK channel (others are currently disabled).

When looking at the mapping screen, I can see that not all of the listings are mapped to Linnworks SKU items. Please note that if items are not mapped, stock levels cannot be synced.

If you are still experiencing issues with stock level updates, please provide me with an example SKU.

Meanwhile, you can perform a Force Update to make Linnworks re-submit stock level quantities to Amazon. In order to do that please proceed to (in the Desktop client) Settings -> Channel Integation -> Mapping of the according channel -> Force Upate.

Please note that it is not advised to do this more often than once a day since such a massive request submission may lead to account throttling if actioned too frequently.

I hope this was helpful.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

What do you mean by channels other than UK are disabled? We are based out of USA and our channel is integrated for the US marketplace.


In Linnworks Desktop we do not have the option of the Amazon Mapping.  We've had issues with the stock levels not updating Amazon too.

We are having the same issue.  We requested a force update but it still has not updated.  Checked the last sync date on amazon mapping screen and its showing last stock sync as over a month age

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