Royal Mail - Sales Order Id is not available for this transaction

Just submitted our manifest to Royal Mail OBA via LW Desktop and have a whole new error to contend with.

The manifest printed but when submitted it came back with the following:

"Previous manifest was incomplete due to the errors listed below.

Login to your OBA account and correct errors. Ensure the manifest has been properly processed and you have Sales Order Id issued. Enter the new sales order id and click Acknowledge - Manifest corrected."

The error indicated was:
"Sales Order Id is not available for this transaction. Could not create sales order due to OBA error. No specific error reported."

There is no Sales Order Id applied to the manifest. We can print the Summary from the reprint menu under filed manifests but checking the OBA we've found that there are NO pending, completed or even ghost like orders waiting for us to get the information.

Raising a support ticket but sharing this scenario as the LW documentation doesn't enlighten anyone as to what to do... Will share as/when I get a response on support.

The same here! 

Opened a ticket & try to contact RM. But no news till now!

*sigh*... Oh the joys... Won't be long before there'll be more then I'll wager... 

Well...finally received a response this morning telling me that I needed to submit the order via OBA manually because Royal Mail servers were under maintenance.

So, that's what I've done using a little Excel magic to get the averages required and then finally receive a sales order reference that unlocks the whole manifest system again.

Obviously I need to sit down and write a comprehensive self-help guide to OBA, DMO and the like so my staff (and myself) know how to unsnafu ourselves whenever the culpable party mess up again... 

Its incredible! Busiest time of the year, technical (and serious) error that was luckily been fixed HOWEVER nothing from LW on how we should solve the problem (the lock manifest screen). 

What going on LW? Wake up!

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