Set prices to auto-accept and auto-decline Best Offers.

We use best offers with most of our items. We also have thresholds in place to auto accept an offer, or auto rejects an offer according to what the customers offers. There does not appear to be any way to specify the amounts for auto accept and auto reject when creating a listing using LinnLive.

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We have become accustomed to using the auto-accept and auto-decline prices so our customers do not have to wait for us to respond to let them know if we accept (or decline) thier best offers.

If we accept the offer right away, the customer is bound to the sale. The customer can continue shopping if they have to wait for a response from us about an offer. By the time we respond, the customer may have already found another seller that would accept thier best offer on the spot, and we just lost a sale.

This is particularly important when you are bound to manufacturer's rules stating an item cannot be advertised below MAP or MSRP. We list an item with a lower than MAP price, but we can accept an offer for a lower price.

If the customer's offer is below the auto-accept value, but above the auto-decline price, the offer will still be sent to us to make a desicion. Most offers are auto-accepted the offer and the sale is made.
Implemented in version 1.5.1
Can this be populated using extended propertied or attributes?

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