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Ability to sort Inventory items by Supplier

We need the ability to sort the inventory by suppliers. This way I can simply glance at the list to see what needs restocking. All my products use only one supplier for each.

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One workaround would be to add the supplier name or code at the end of the inventory item title. Then you would just filter by this and it will bring up all items by that supplier.

That's our workaround anyway. I guess another way to do this would be to use the 'Reorder Low Stock' screen.
We too need this functionality as we use 2 suppliers for the same item, so the second SKU is placed in the supplier code field whcih at the min isnt searchable nor can you book stock it based on this code
Any news on this we have just upgraded and need linnworks to search / work this way?
Bump - Any News On This? It should be simple to do?
Would make life a lot easier given the info is already there ?

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