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Merge orders from multiple Sources

The ability to merge orders from multiple sources.

We regularly take orders from ebay and have to send customers paypal invoices,

or process creditcard transactions if someone buys on ebay but pays over the phone by creditcard.

We would like the ability to merge these transactions into the one order they actually are.

What currently happens is we get unpaid ebay item which we mark as paid and a paypal order which

we cannot merge, essentially a duplicate order.

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This will not be possible to implement, orders can only be merged from a single source.

We had a similar issue, using a macro solved the problem for us as follows -

We are using the rules engine to assign postage services, however this means that orders that would otherwise have merged (satisfying current linn criteria) will no longer automatically merge. Is there a script available that will flag up orders that would merge on everything except postage service? I've seen requests for this in the forums but they appear not to have been actioned. If these could potentially mergable orders could be assigned to a folder we can then decide to merge manually despite different postage services.

linn "I think you can try to use the Macro in Linnworks Desktop - Settings - Macros - Add From Template - Order Management - Order Folder Assignment - OrdersToBeMerged. It will move orders with the same attributes to the folder"

You can then Set each criteria TRUE or FALSE depending on which conditions are important before multiple orders are assigned to the folder (to then be checked and merged manually)

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