audit trial improvements

Improved audit trail so we can monitor all actions performed on an order.

Including status changed, folder movements, order edits etc...

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Monitor: links a item, book in, count inventory
Yes I really would like to see these improvement:
1. Resend / Exchange orders: now only the original order shows the "trial" and order relations, I would like both new and original orders to show the "trial" and order relations.
2. Reason for Resend / Exchange / Refund: now the "trial" does show the refund/resend/exchange, but it does not show why the order was resend / exchange / refund, the data was indeed collected during the process, but it was never used in the Linnworks.
Also to able to see who did what with certain SKU (list/delist/revise and so on)
This is something that is ongoing in the system. We have already added a lot more audits for actions against orders and will continue to add them in when we see situations that would benefit a log being recorded.
I would like to see this improvement...

If when partially refunding an order (ie - 1 item out of 3 items), then it should show in the audit trail that 1 item has been refunded. However, instead of showing the refunded item on the audit trail, it shows that the whole order has been refunded.

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