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Printer Settings - Being able to change printer settings depending on task.

At the moment the system doesn't allow you to change printer settings which is a pain. The system just uses the default printer settings set in the operating system.

Our scenario, the default setting for the printer is to use the tray with the integrated labels in. But if we print a pick list we want to be able to select plain paper, but we can't. We would also like to be able to select Duplex printing as to save paper to save money and be more 'Green'

I am sure we are not the only business that has a printer with different paper types.

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Template designer allows you to select Select Printer option in the drop down. This will prompt Print dialog everytime you print something. Here you can specify different printer settings.

You can have multiple templates, for example one with Select Printer and the other with specific printer selected. This way you can control when the dialog comes up.
But you don't get a pop up box. At least I don't, not on 2 different computers using 2 different printers. If we got a pop up box that would be fine..... I tell Linnworkds to print and thats the last I know until my printer starts printing.

Just wondering the same thing. No one else having this problem?

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