Printer Settings - Being able to change printer settings depending on task.

At the moment the system doesn't allow you to change printer settings which is a pain. The system just uses the default printer settings set in the operating system.

Our scenario, the default setting for the printer is to use the tray with the integrated labels in. But if we print a pick list we want to be able to select plain paper, but we can't. We would also like to be able to select Duplex printing as to save paper to save money and be more 'Green'

I am sure we are not the only business that has a printer with different paper types.

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Asides from the paper type this would be really handy for simple quality.

When printing an invoice you obviously want a good quality print to print out the logo etc, but when printing a picking list then draft print is fine..
I notice this is posted twice, so have voted on the other one...
Same here.
When printing my invoices on to integrated labels I have to select the invoices then selcet Print Preview instead of print.
Print Preview allows me to change the printer settings before previewing the invoices and giving me a print option in th top left.
Just going straight to print would be far easier if I could preconfigure what settings I wantd to use for this task.
We'd very much like to have tray selection exposed to the template designer.
This is a must and must be fairly easy to implement!
I signed up yesterday and today found this problem, it is a major problem!

Such a basic requirement being able to select a paper tray and print quality!
If this has been suggested twice. Why not merge the records? I see paper tray selection as fundamental
I started using LW over the weekend and found this issue. I set the printer to Select Printer so the printer options box would pop up, from there I chose tray 2 but it still prints to the default tray. I instead sent orders to PDF creator then print from there but another user suggested using Print Preview then print to go to the correct tray. A bit pathetic if that is the only way to do it.
We really need need to be able to change printer settings, we too have a multi tray printer and 1 tray has integrated label paper, we have had to buy a cheap B&W laser for pick lists, purchase orders etc, silly really when the 1 printer can do it all.
This would be amazingly handy when using the "Reprint invoice" feature on the processed orders - when a customer asks us for a PDF VAT invoice we could just reprint the original invoice and send it to the "CutePDF" printer. Please sort this out guys :-)
Hi All

There is a work around for this that my company uses. We are a fulfilment house and some of our clients have specific requirements that need different paper..We have a multi tray laser printer and what you do is select all the order(s) you want printed from for example Tray 2. Then in the Print options window select preview Invoice it will bring up the print dialogue window from which you can select Tray2....then click print and it queue them all up and then click print again...all done

If you want any help pls contact

Thanks Sam
I have also seen some comments about printing to PDF...this is straight forward and very handy for international shipments that need commercial invoices.

Create the invoice you need and change the printer to your PDF creator, I currently use PDF995 and remove all printing conditions. Then in the processed orders print specific invoice and it will send that invoice to the PDF printer and you can print as many copies as required

Thanks Sam
Seems archaic not to have this option and I see this has been an idea for some time with no take up from LW
I needed a new printer, so spent extra on one with 2 trays - one for invoices and one for plain paper.....only to find that Linnworks doesn't support 2 trays. What I find weird is why can I preview an invoice or print a template and it allows me to choose a tray but I can't print a specific Invoice to a chosen tray? I think this is quite a basic thing that you should be able to do!

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