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Allow for real time shipping costs to be generated and/or estimated

When in the process orders screen (or perhaps new orders screen), users should be able to see the shipping cost of a particular postal method before printing a label.

This would allow for a company to determine the cost of shipping a DIRECT order prior to printing a label and to incorporate it into the P&P Cost.

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we need this on the "new" orders screen to calculate the shipping cost for a direct order.
Right now we have to calculate by using each providers website, or guess the cost.

Much needed to phone orders
I agree, this is a necessity and is a standard feature in most order processing systems!
If it could include the costs of sending the order to Amazon to be fulfilled it'd be even more useful...
Any ideas on when this is coming? Any info on how this will be implemented?
Will this work for UPS shipping? If so, you will need the size of the packageing to be passed as well as the weight through the api. Currently only the weight is passing.

Definitely needed for process order screen, also, LW should record the actual cost of shipping so we can see any discrepancy between what the channel charged and what we are being charged.
It has been 1 year since this shows it was started??? Is it still in the works?
Presumably the information is provided by some couriers so where this information is available, it could be recorded?
I appreciate that this may potentially require a fair amount of work, but in my opinion, it's a significant step in functionality that makes Linnworks more of a business management tool. Even without going that far, it's much more useful to know the cost of different shipping methods when you're selecting how to ship a package.

For example on the 'Process Order' screen, the shipping methods could have estimated costs next to them, allowing a user to select the most cost-effective.
The functionality is available in ShipStation integration. Implementing this in linnworks.desktop would be too fairly complicated from maintenance and shipping support point of view

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