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Multiple currencies for those of us who would like to sell outside the UK too (linnworks + linnlive + lister + repricer)

It would be great if we could work with both GBP and EUR for us to be able to use one linnworks app for the different european marketplaces. Currently, the price in the lister is the default price set in linnworks. We should be able to set exchange rates so that we could list in EUR easily. When the exchange rate changes (ideally linnworks downloads the rate daily so you don't have to take care) our listing in foreign marketplaces change prices.

some additional rules would make the solution complete such as

- round the converted price

- be able to add a fixed percentage to the automatically downloaded conversion rate to be covered. For example, we realised our bank or paypal is charging 3% more than standard APIs or Google

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I too would need to price in different currencies, although not calculated through exchange rate conversions, but manually. Without it I would not be able to use LL, as I list in up to 4 currencies.
We sell using most of the major currencies, 50% of our business is non UK, we do not want to restrict purchasing to GBP only, it appears too rigid to overseas buyers
At the moment this is not very good idea to auto convert currencies in LL or LW. You can upload CSV files with different prices for different channels.
I would think that this was essential for anyone wanting to sell internationally using linnlive/linnworks so why was it declined - too difficult :) ?
It only requires basic multiplication or division of the exchange rate supplied by the user. My 7 year old can perform both of these functions, and even Sage can do it!!!

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