Have the ability to show multiple prices within Linnworks

As an online seller with separate wholesale and retail web stores as well as ebay and Amazon listings, I need to have different prices displayed on different sites. As the wholesale site is separate from the retail one I can't do this as a percentage discount on retail price for b2b customers. Would be great to have the facility to enter prices dependant on the channel - perhaps in a grid or matrix which could be edited as required?? Any possibility??

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It would be even better if the individual channel pricing matrix could be set to actually update the live price on the corresponding channel. We spend hours updating over 2000 SKU's on 6 marketplaces!
We need to different trade price levels for each SKU
I posted this comment for this uservoice request...

Something that would be immensely helpful for me would be to have a screen where you input a sku and the page would show you all channels that sku is listed on and the price. The same screen would allow also me to change the price and send it to the appropriate channel(s).
Is that doable?

Maybe this functionality will be in LinnLive 2??
Does this mean we will be able to enter the channel price in the inventory file per channel (as is possible now) and it update the channel eBay/Amazon/Magento through channel API from Linnworks Server? I think this is what is required.
Agreed, the prices have to be changed on the different channels when adjusted in the Linnworks Inventory record, otherwise there isn't really much point!
Is it possible to adjust different prices now?
Is the different price function for the epos and new order going to happen? That way i will be able to use linn for my trade customers??
Does anyone read these comments? An answer about the multiple prices for the epos and new order would be appriceiated?
multiple pricing structure is implemented for Listing purpopses. We will be added it to EPOS and New order at the end of May,

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